Çerez Örnek
canlı destek


The goal of Turkish language lesson and general topics described by The Council of Higher Education (CHE) as follows:

To make every associate degree and bachelor's degree student comprehend the structure and functioning of Turkish language. To make the students gain the ability to use Turkish correctly as written and oral expression means in terms of language-thought relation. To establish a connective and unifying language in education and to raise young generations that posses consciousness of native language.

An appealing speech knowledge that contains necessary rules to express ideas in the best way has become an important need for young people in every profession. In this regard, it would be beneficial for the Turkish Language lessons given in higher education institutions as a continuation of Turkish and Literature lessons given in high schools, especially focusing on organised speech. Beside the written composition, gaining a habit of effective and decent speech is an aspect that shouldn’t be neglected.

It is possible to teach the rules and methods belonging to technique of public speaking in Turkish curriculum benefiting from the books written on the subject in the Western countries. On this subject, it would be suitable to benefit from dearworthy Turkish speakers, most notably Atatürk.

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